DEWAPOKER : Dream of a poker game that I have to share

Sometimes, most of us dream while sleeping. Have you ever dreamed about poker?

The other night, after falling asleep reading an antique poker book a friend gave me, I found myself dreaming of poker hands visiting dewapoker.

At 2:07 a.m. (I peeked at the clock on my bed) I woke up, the dream very vivid in my mind. I know if I allow myself to go back to sleep, I will probably forget about it when I wake up later. This is what I want to remember. So I get out of bed, steady my legs, and then walk straight to my computer to write about my dreams. And what a dream!

Sitting in the Big Blind (BB) position in a limitless Texas Hold’em game, I’ve dealt 2s-3s. Usually, I would immediately move that hand; but I am at BB and there is no raise.

So, I’m happy to receive a free failure. And what the flop was: 4s-5s-Jc. That gives me a draw to the straight and the shovel-hand is worth the investment further up the river.

After the betting round, without a raise, the four of us will have to see a turn. That’s Ace of spades, give me a straight flush. Wow! At that moment, I woke up, and decided to record my poker dreams.

With a little imagination, I could easily imagine what happened after this – at least, what I could hope for. With an Ace on the board, I think at least one of my opponents has connected with the top pair on the board (AA), and is likely to bet. So I checked my hands, played slow and planned on checking the raise to build up the pot size.

The Under-the-Gun opens the bet and is raised by the middle position. The late position is called the raise. I debated whether to continue playing slow or raising it back with my straight flush, to further build the pot. I reasoned: All three of my opponents are loose-aggressive players, so I’m sure at least one or two will call my raise, maybe even make it a four-bet. I got back up again, and the three of them called me. It’s a big pot!

River pairs the board with another Ace. Now, full-house – perhaps Aces-full – is possible. Holding a straight face, I wish someone had been that lucky. Of course, I was out betting from my BB position. After UTG called, the middle position made a big increase. The final position is folded. And, of course, I then got back up.

The middle position, without hesitation, raises again, making it a four bet. With only the two of us left in the pot, there is now no limit to the amount of raise allowed. We kept picking each other up until he ran out of chips. Sure enough, he held Aces-full with Jacks – second best for my straight-flush. The pot I took was the biggest I have ever won. Need more than four Chips shelves!

But, too bad, it was just a dream.

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